Nathan Vegdahl



Who Am I?

Isn't that a question we all ask ourselves? Well, my name's Nathan, and I like ice cream and riding bicycles.

Oh! I'm also a freelance 3d artist and software developer with 12 years of experience under my belt. On the art side I specialize in rigging and character animation, but I'm also a competent generalist. On the software side I primarily do graphics and tools/add-on development.

I've done work for a bunch of different companies and organizations including Nintendo, National Geographic, and Blender Animation Studio. So far everyone seems pretty happy with my work!


Blender Open Movie projects I worked on:


Training material I worked on:


If you'd like to get in touch professionally, please contact me at If you'd like to get in touch personally, please contact me at

If you're looking for me on various online forums/communities/websites, I often go by "cessen".